Bubbly Hall Market Booths

New Albany’s entrepreneurial spirit and prosperous community set the stage for businesses to successfully evolve and grow. 

Bubbly hall market booths will provide a unique opportunity for local businesses to showcase their product in one of our year-round indoor booths. Local entrepreneurs can capitalize on Bubbly Hall’s high volume foot traffic to exhibit their products through short-term rentals (half or full day).

Join our modern and engaging atmosphere which offers modest opening costs geared to scale up your business.

Application Details:

Non-refundable $25.00 one-time Application Fee

Hours will be as follows:

Monday 4pm-8pm $40 (the hall has shortened hours on Mondays)

Tuesday-Thursday 11am-8pm $40 for half day $70 for full day

Friday-Sunday 11am-8pm $50 for half day $90 for full day

Week-long rental will be $450

On Mondays renters can arrive at 3:30pm to set up and their block is rented until 8:00pm
Tuesday-Sunday morning arrival to set up at 10:30am – tear down and clean up by 3:30pm for a half day
Afternoon half-day can arrive at 3:30pm to set up – tear down and clean up by 8:30pm

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