Bubbly Night

Vivacious lifestyle brand brings new food, beverage, and retail venue to New Albany

By Spring 2021, New Albany and surrounding residents will enjoy the first Food & Retail Hall in the neighborhood. The project was created by Dr. Ethan Shajie of the Granaz Group, who envisions the Bubbly Lifestyle brand as one that supports a vivacious and high spirited way of living. Following their core values of enriching communities, Granaz Construction and Real Estate Group will design and build the distinctive 15,000 sq. ft. retail, food, and event space.

The thoughtfully designed and spacious Bubbly Hall will consist of stalls, kiosks, and storefronts, complemented by a contemporary event venue and generous outdoor spaces. Bubbly Hall offers vendors lower opening costs and ongoing business support with an added competitive advantage through consistent foot traffic and catering opportunities. Presenting authentic, chef-driven, fast casual cuisine, Bubbly Hall will be the destination for dynamic and joyful experiences.

“People enjoy the opportunity to personally experience products in a relaxed and casual manner. This type of engagement stimulates the senses that drive deeper connections and lasting impressions.” Dr. Shajie continued, “That is why we encourage businesses to use our platform to extend their reach in a non-traditional and innovative way.”

Granaz Group believes that New Albany, with its blend of extraordinary business growth, residential development, and personal enrichment, is the perfect location to offer this unique development concept.

The Destination for Authentic and Joyful Experiences

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